“I Don’t Need a Roof (Big Fish the Musical)”

“Midnight Rose” School Nurse from Oxford Comma Films (enters 4:26)

“Loser” Sharon Anderberg from Oxford Comma Films (enters 5:45)

“War for Stanley Portnoy’s Soul” Helen from Fancy Mustard (enters 3:20)

“Pirates of Penzance” Mabel montage reel

“Sitcom” Mandy from Digital Waffles

“The Infrared Dreamlet” woman

“The Big Toe” Abigail

“The Safety Adventures of Skip: Avoiding slips and falls in kitchen environments” a safety PSA by SFM Companies

“Just Be a Grinkie Girl” music video Composer/Lyricist/Lead Singer

“S.Q.U.A.T.T” Science Tech (enters 0:25 and 12:30)