Stage Gallery

 “Big Fish the Musical” Modern Day Sandra Bloom/Tapper, St Matthew Community Theatre
“Stegosaurus” Meryl, Lakeshore Players
“Emperor’s New Groove” Chica/Pasha/Waitress/Shoulder Devil, Drinking Games MN
“Seussical” Amazing Mayzie, Moore Than Dance
“Torch Songs Tangos and Touchdowns” When He Sees Me/Dancer,MN Vixen Football Team concert fundraiser 

“A Million Dreams: Songs of Hope” Galinda/Pocahontas/Cosette, St Matthew Community Theatre fundraiser concert

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” Baroness Bomburst, Mounds View


“Coriolis Effect” Lisa, Lakeshore Players

“Joseph” Vi (Levi’s wife)/Dance Captain, St Matthew Community Theatre

“The Great Gatsby” Daisy, Lakeshore Players

“The Music of the Night: an ALW Cabaret Fundraiser” Christine Daae/Betty/Angel/Apostle/Salsa Dancer, St Matthew Community Theatre

“HMS Pinafore” Sir Joseph’s Cousin, Mounds View

“Beauty & the Beast” Belle, St Matthew Community Theatre

“Annie” Grace, Moore Than Dance

“Drowsy Chaperone” Kitty, Mounds View Community Theatre

“Gel Us” Laura, Lakeshore Players


“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” Ruth, St Matthew Community Theatre

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“Into the Woods” Rapunzel (and costumer), Morris Park Players

Tower mirror tower song confrontation babies

“Crazy For You” Irene Roth, Mounds View Community Theatre

Opening 1 Bobby Kiss Naughty Baby 1 Finale 2

“Guaranteed” Teller, Lakeshore Players

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“The Pirates of Penzance” Mabel, St Matthew Community Theatre

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“The Mystery of Edwin Drood” Isobel/Deputy, Lakeshore Players

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“Cinderella” Stepsister Joy, Mounds View Community Theatre

“The Wish Stick” Leslie, Lakeshore Players
Wish Stick1Wish Stick2

“Peter Pan” Warrior River Otter & Mermaid, Morris Park Players
Awaiting PrincessHaunting Neverland MermaidsTrue blood brothers

“Christmas at War: a USO musical” Doris Addams, Masquers

“Much Ado About Nothing” Conrade/Friar, Six Elements

“Children of Eden” Aysha/Generations Soloist, Cross Community Players

“The Mask of Zorro the Illiterate” Sargento, Lakeshore Players
Zorro collage

“Inherit the Wind” Rachel Brown, Lakeshore Players
IMG_1287 IMG_1235IMG_1371

“Arsenic and Old Lace” Elaine Harper, Lakeshore Players
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“A Point of Honor” Miss Emelina, Lakeshore Players
Point of Honor 1 Point of Honor 2

“Mort” Princess Keli, Mounds Theatre
279487_256203497738854_223834550975749_1100826_6208648_oMort 3Mort 2

“Curse the Darkness” Lisa, Lakeshore Players
Curse 1 Curse 2

“Murder on the Nile” Christina Grant, Lakeshore Players
Nile 3Nile 4Nile 2Nile 1

“Alexander at Delphi” Pythia, Fringe Festival
Alexander 4Alexander 3Alexander 2Alexander 1

“Schedule Meisters” Stephanie, Lakeshore Players
schedule 3Schedule 2Schedule 1

“The Skid Row Kids Save Christmas” Maryann MaGillicutty, Morris Park Players
Skid 1 Skid 2 Skid 4Skid 3

“Cats” Etcetera, Heritage Community Theatre
EtceteraCats 3Cats 4Cats 2

“She Loves Me” Stephanie & Customer, Lakeshore PlayersShe Loves 1 She Loves 2 She Loves 3